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            Any establishment conducting experiments on large animals is required to send the protocols to O/o CPCSEA for their approval.

Note: The establishments are required to get their Animal House Facilities approved/renewed for housing large animals before commencing any research on them.


Procedure for Submission of online Protocol:


            The user is required to login through User Login Window at Home Page by selecting ‘Establishment Login’ in User type and put the User Name & Password which is given to each establishment(s) registered with CPCSEA.


List of requisite documents for protocol:


  1. Checklist of the Protocol (Completely filled and duly signed by the Principal Investigator).
  2. Completely filled form ‘B’ (Section I & II) duly signed by the Principal Investigator alongwith Investigator’s declaration and Certificate (signed by Main Nominee of CPCSEA and Chairman of IAEC).
  3. Minutes of the IAEC meeting with the signed attendance sheet, wherein the protocol has been recommended by the IAEC and forwarded to CPCSEA for approval. The IAEC meeting should be conducted with all the approved IAEC members, wherein the presence of CPCSEA nominee and Socially Aware Nominee is mandatory. In case the Main Nominee conveys his unavailability, Link Nominee may be invited in place of Main Nominee.
  4. Rodent Study Data (wherever required).
  5. The establishments are required to deposit the fee for Research Protocol through ‘online payment gateway’ as per revised fee (Rs. 1000/-for educational Protocols and Rs. 5000/-for non-educational Protocols) in the prescribed column at the time of the submission of Research Protocol (s) online.


Ø  No Hard Copies of any of the above documents are to be submitted until asked for.


Ø  All the formats (Checklist, Form B, format of Investigator’s declaration and Certificate, Format of Rat Study Data) are available on the website:



Note: (For ICAR, ICMR, Veterinary and Agriculture Universities only)


“Minor invasive procedures required as the part of the experimentation on feeding trials, breeding experiments and live-stock management studies which require blood collection from the experimental animals to further study the clinical parameters may be approved by the IAEC, keeping in view the nature of experimentation, volume of blood to be collected, its frequency and general health conditions of the experimental animals. The other protocols related to the large animals required major invasive techniques must be sent to CPCSEA with recommendations of IAEC”. This is applicable for ICAR, ICMR, Veterinary and Agriculture Universities only. (Letter of CPCSEA F. No. 25/15/2008 – AWD, dated 21st August, 2008)